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Welcome to our page. we are here to share our passion for the yachting a make sure you have all you need to explore the world from the deck.

We will give you tips for the most beautiful places, rent a boat, plan the route and give you advice what you can do on the boat to make to the most it. We specialize in sailboat and motor sailboat rental.

Bookingthesea offers you broad variety of services. We can rent you a boat anywhere in the world that meets all of your specific criteria. Based on our skills and experience we can give you advice where to sail and where and when to sail. We will provide you with the itinerary with advice where to stop to see the spectacular beaches, enjoy cuisine in great restaurants and give you hints that you just have to see! We can hire a professional skipper for hose who have little or no experience sailing.

Spread your wings and let the wind take you away

Boat events

A yacht is a great place that makes any event unique and unforgettable. Invite your family members, friends and colleagues and celebrate your birthday on a deck! What about marriage proposal or even a wedding?! You can have a wedding ceremony on the deck and sail away for your honeymoon!

We offer turnkey solutions. A yacht is a great place that makes any event unique and unforgettable. Teambuilding yacht is truly a unique place to discover the skills, abilities and limits of you and your co-workers. Yachting is an ideal activity to create informal bonds among the colleagues and it strengthens the collaboration, teamwork and organizational identity. Feel the adventure, endless freedom and joy with your partner or friends. That is what you get from Regatta. Yachting is for everyone. The age is not the limit. Maybe it is the regatta that will ignite your passion and love for yachting. Do something special for your beloved ones. Something they never forget. Have you ever wondered how romantic is to say I DO on the open sea with the wind in your hair surrounded only by azure colour and your beloved ones? Your honeymoon can start right after the ceremony. Have a cool birthday party with your friends. The privacy is guaranteed …and priceless.

Boat events
Boat events
Boat events

Captain license

Captain license
Captain license
Captain license

Captain licence can be differentiated based on where do you sail. To sail on an open sea you need Captain license for pleasure craft operation and for inner land operation you need Boat skipper license. The candidate has to be 18 or older.

Captian license for an open sea is internationally accepted and timely unlimited license and serves to operate pleasure craft of C, B, A category. Boat skipper license Internationally accepted and timely unlimited license that serves to operate recreational craft in inner land water routes (lakes, rivers, river channels). It has different categories. A, B, C, D. Týždňový praktický kurz na mori je vedený tak, aby ste úspešne zvládli úlohyrekreačného kapitána. Kurz ukončuje skúška, preto už nemusíte absolvovať ďaľšiu na Slovensku. Po jeho absolvovaní budete samostatne viesť loď a riadiť posádku. Viac informácii o jednotlivých kurzoch, termínoch skúšok a cenách kurzov dodáme na vyžiadanie.

Life on a boat

Vacation on a deck offers endless amount of pleasure and joy.

Imagine having cup of coffee early in the morning surrounded by blue sea everywhere you look. Waking up on a different place every morning, jumping off the board where you like it the most, having dinner on a terrace in complete privacy, enjoying drink and cigar underneath the stars. That’s what a vacation on a deck is!

Turn off the engine and let the wind takes you anywhere you want in a silence.

Snorkelling Explore the marine life easily and comfortably. The bays are perfect places where you can snorkel and discover the beauty in the water. Do not forget a waterproof camera. Paddleboarding Steering the paddleboard is very easy and you can have a lot of fun. You can use it to sail along the bay or you can transport yourself from your boat the shore without needing a raft.

Scuba diving You don’t have to be a member of special naval commando to enjoy scuba diving. All you need is to be 12 or older and have a scuba diving license. If you don’t have a license but you would love to have one let us know and we will take care of booking you a course with instruction and examination. Gourmets It is only up to you whether you cook meals yourself or enjoy the local cuisine. Every bay has magical restaurants that can be accessed by your raft or you can even be transported by the staff. There are plenty of docks with their private jetty allowing you to anchor your boat right in front of the restaurant. Shopping Every country, every island has its own unique culture and there are plenty of small shops with great atmosphere where you can buy anything from hand-made ceramics, jewellery , clothes and even food on local markets. Relax For those who seeks the tranquillity fore ship is the best place for them to lay down and chill. After all it is you who picks the busy spots or serene places. Beaches If you fancy spectacular beaches we will give you tips where to find them. There are plenty of secret beaches that can be accessed only from the sea. Night life If you are a party animal we will plan the route so you can enjoy party time. Clubs, bars and pubs are ready for you. Are you?